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Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Kyoday Digital is a comprehensive internet marketing agency

List of our services

AI machine learning and BigData service

Мы предоставляем услуги по машинному обучению и обработки данных BigData

SMM promotion

Advertising on social media


Commercial photo
shoot and video production

Promotion of the site in search engines (SEO).

Contextual advertising PPC


Application development

Having trouble choosing the right service? Write to us and we will help you choose one based on your goals and activities!
Certificate from Microsoft

We have a professional status in Microsoft for setting up advertising on the Internet

Be sure that the advertising of your business is done by professionals in the field of Internet advertising and marketing.

We know all the nuances of targeting advertising in social networks, contextual advertising and SEO promotion of websites in search engines.

In addition to Macrosoft, we are also certified by Google, Yandex, HubSpot, SEMrush.

If you have a business with specific objectives, we will help you make the most of online advertising on the Internet, using both targeted and contextual advertising. Take into account their results to effectively promote your business on the Internet.

Our latest projects

Creating a web design and development of the website of the company on customs services
Created a unique design with the main colors of the company. Developed an animated website in several languages with adaptation to all types of devices. Made SEO promotion and prepared for advertising in search engines.

Our agency provides website development services of any complexity. We can create a company website, a landing page and a website for an online store. In the future, you can also order with us SEO promotion and contextual advertising for your site.

We work with

Cake Lab
Cake Lab
Renzo Rinaldi
Бутик Respect Busines
Cake Lab
Comfort Engineering Group
Qudratli texnika
Strong Mebel
Strong Mebel
Bella Cosa
bazis medic
Кибер команда ArcRed
SMM Компьютерного клуба Fidanza

Our certificates

Сертифицированный специалист по рекламе Microsoft
Digital Advertising Certified
контекстная реклама в Гугл
Social Media Certifications
Сертификат по Digital Маркетинг
Local SEO Exam Certificate
Local SEO Exam Certificate
SEO Exam Certificate
SMM Fundamentals Exam Certificate
Маркетолог в Ташкенте

Why work with us with us?

Play market
Linked In
Kyoday Digital
Google Ads

A comprehensive approach and provision of services for the entire world.

A wide range of services
Internet marketing and development

High quality and ongoing support

Talented team with experience since 2012.

A comprehensive approach and provision of services for the entire world.
A wide range of services
Internet marketing and development
High quality and ongoing support
Talented team with experience since 2012.

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    Comprehensive Internet marketing in Uzbekistan

    Our company provides a comprehensive digital-marketing not only in Tashkent, but throughout Uzbekistan. The company Kyoday Digital, represented by experienced and certified professionals, copes well with the tasks of business promotion on the Internet!

    As Bill Gates says: If your business is not on the Internet, it can be considered to be nowhere!

    Nowadays internet-marketing in Tashkent and in Uzbekistan has become one of the most demanded spheres. Now with the help of SMM promotion, SEO promotion, targeted advertising, website creation, and other methods of Internet marketing you can increase sales of goods, increase brand awareness, reach more audience.

    Targeted advertising and SMM business promotion in Tashkent

    Our experience in SMM promotion in Tashkent and Uzbekistan is more than 5 years. During our work we have worked with different spheres of business, from SMM promotion of men's and women's boutiques, network of confectionary cafes, restaurants, construction companies, computer clubs and ending with the configuration of targeting advertising for beauticians, beauty salons.

    Development and promotion of websites in Uzbekistan

    Why do all the famous brands have a website? Whether it's a company producing something or providing various services. All of them have a website. And it's not just for fun!
    The site is the core of the web in online marketing! Large companies that have properly built Internet marketing, all traffic from different platforms and social networks leads to the site.
    Website creation is not only necessary for acquainting people with your company. It is also necessary to receive applications, filter traffic, increase online sales, make various broadcasts, etc.

    You should start with website creation for complex Internet marketing in Tashkent and other cities of Uzbekistan. Properly designed website with SEO promotion will quickly raise your site among the others.
    You can promote your site in different ways of internet marketing. You can drive traffic through social networks, third party sites, or set up targeted ads. You can also do competent SEO optimization and set up contextual advertising.